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1945 Vintage Pinup Poster
1945 Vintage Pinup Poster

Pinups Take Shape

What would end up being the familiar pinup started to take shape in 1917. The U.S. federal government produced a pictorial promotion department throughout World War I. The department's task was to develop propaganda to advance the war effort.

Understanding that sex sells, the U.S. federal government began to utilize pinup women on recruitment posters. When guys began returning from the war effort, the females of the roaring 20s were not happy to give up the flexibility they had obtained while their spouses were away combating in Europe. The total environment of freedom matched the progressively revealing clothes mirrored in the ever-opening society.

Throughout The Second World War, pinup illustrations were utilized in recruitment posters to entice new soldiers and calendars to promote the purchase of war bonds. The Golden Era of Pinups had started. The American military commissioned pinup artists to raise soldiers' spirits with unique, sensual images.

Soldiers throughout World War II were exposed to pinup art daily. Pinups were painted on fighter airplanes and bombers and taped inside soldiers' helmets.

As retro (vintage) style, art, and items are inspiring for legions of individuals today, pinup's appeal is on the increase once again. Her origins date back to the 19th century, and it appears the pinup is here to remain.

Pinup girls come in all shapes and sizes. Here at River Pinups, we believe that all pinup girls deserve their time to shine through our networks.

Calendar illustrators assisted the press along this brand-new age of lady's freedom by portraying females in a more sensual and sexual method. Ever more teasing and flirtier, the pinup illustrations started appearing on every newsstand.

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