The Community 2.0

Imagine social media done right, now toss in a streaming media network and some old-school chat rooms, and you have a community unlike anything else.


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A Social Network That's More

A community of members brought together by Smoke & Bacon. Designed with those tired of big tech and censorship in mind.

Censorship Free

A Creators Paradise

Amazing Communities

Unique Content

Otherwise, our in-house monkeys will chase you with bananas, cover kittens in monkey shit, and laugh as they fling them at you while you are at work.

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The Community 2.0 Guidelines

· If you have a product or service you would like to advertise across our Community and networks, please click here for rates·

· We support you, help support us by purchasing a wonderful product from our store ·

· We will never sell or share your personal information, we don't believe in it ·

1. Do not disrespect the ladies of Smoke & Bacon

2. Gentleman, Keep your dick in your pants. Its not that impressive anyway

3. Nothing Federally Illegal, examples include but are not limited to selling drugs, underage material, revenge porn, etc.

4. Just as you are free to post or say whatever you want within these guidelines, so is everyone else

5. Please try and keep the correct content in the correct communities, for example political posts in the political community

6. Keep NSFW posts in the NSFW community

7. Gentleman, see rule number two again

Welcome to The Community 2.0

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